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Words of gratitude

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we asked residents and members of the community’s staff to share what they appreciate most about Emporia Presbyterian Manor. Here is what they had to say:

“CNAs, nurses and residents make [Presbyterian Manor] such a special place. I love coming to work and seeing the way the nurses come together to help one another.” - Ashley McIlvain, activity assistant

“I feel we develop a close family feeling among the residents and look after and help each other. The staff are helpful and friendly. They do all they can to add to our comfort and security. Activities are fun and a laugh a day. The activities help us enjoy the city we live in with special trips. Volunteer opportunities are fun and give us a chance to pay back and they get us better acquainted with residents and staff. Presbyterian Manor at Emporia is a great place to live.” - Nina Gragg, resident

“I love the friendly staff working with me to take care of the residents. It takes a village to be the best care providers for our residents. The residents are always welcoming and come with different personalities you just can’t help but love.” - Pierre “PJ” Larry, dining services supervisor

“The best reason for working at Emporia Presbyterian Manor is the residents. They can turn a really down day into a good one just with a smile. I couldn’t work here without them.” - Paula Hedberg, RN, MDS coordinator

“I enjoy the environment. It doesn’t feel like ‘work’ some days, it feels like home because the residents treat you as family. They are so appreciative of the staff’s work. I also enjoy the flexibility. Being a mom and working full time is hard but [Presbyterian Manor] works very well with my work schedule. I am thankful to work with the people I do.” - Ashley Burright, home health and assisted living CNA

“I appreciate the commitment and comfort of [Presbyterian Manor] staff, they are very accommodating.” - Arlo Bell, resident

“It is a privilege to work with our community’s residents. The smiles, laughs and stories they share make me want to come back every day.” - Leigh Ayers, health services director

“I just started working here, but I really appreciate the fact that everyone has been pleasant and patient. The staff is knowledgeable and willing to teach.” – Misty Davis, LPN

“Presbyterian Manor is very special to me. I have enjoyed helping our residents to maintain their strength, mobility and independence. I have just been touched by so many of our residents. Each one has taught me a little something about life and its challenges. It’s so wonderful to see the love and care through the years I have worked here. It’s honestly like home away from home for me. I really enjoy what I do! I hope God allows me to have several more years to be a part of the Presbyterian Manor family.” – Dianne Smith, restorative nursing assistant

“It’s a joy to meet folks, become their friends and give help when needed. I find it safe and comfortable to live at Presbyterian Manor and it is a very friendly place to live.” - Jean Elliott, resident

“I can honestly say this place cares about its employees. If you are having a bad day, there is always someone to cheer you up. When I come to work, I know that everyone has my back, especially my boss and upper management. We work as a team here. I am proud to tell people where I work. I thank God that I can feel like I am at home at my job, and it is because of residents and staff that I love so much.” - Kathy Sprecker, housekeeping services assistant

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