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Weekly Sing-Along Class Boosts Moods and Memories

The Emporia Presbyterian Manor campus comes alive with music every Tuesday when volunteer Kathy Tidwell visits and plays the piano for a community-wide sing-along. From independent living to health care, and assisted living to the memory care unit, all residents are encouraged to attend in this weekly gathering.

Considered an exercise class, the sing-along is offered by EnerG of Aegis Therapies. Courtney Waldner and Tagan Mermis with Aegis Therapies shared that there are multiple studies on how music improves lung function and memory, boosts confidence and relieves stress.

What’s more, the class is a conversation starter for the residents as the songs bring back memories.

When asked what reactions they’ve seen from residents who take the class, Courtney and Tagan shared, “A lot of joy and confidence! They enjoy visiting in-between songs and after with peers and Kathy. Some residents are very quiet and shy, but when they come to sing-along they light up and embrace their voice.”

In addition to Kathy’s piano playing, the class occasionally includes other instruments and seasonal songs.

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