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Staff spotlight: Sharon Schmidt

When you love the people you work for and as much as Sharon Schmidt, housekeeping services supervisor at Emporia Presbyterian Manor, it’s easy to see why you’d stay at your job for as long as she has. Sharon will celebrate her 20th anniversary with Presbyterian Manor in September.

“I love the staff, and most of all I love the residents. It’s fun to be around them. It’s always interesting to hear what they went through in their life. A lot of them have been in important places and done important things we wouldn’t think of. If you’re around some of the residents, you might not be having that great of day, but they can say one little thing, and it can put you in a happy mood and make you forget about what’s bothering you. Or vice versa,” said Sharon.

Another joy Sharon has found in the workplace is the Presbyterian Manor’s mission: To provide quality senior services guided by Christian values.

“I’m very happy it’s a Christian-based community. It’s about compassion and love and caring – all the things that a Christian-based atmosphere should have.”

And all of these attributes are something Sharon possesses, too, according to Sharon’s supervisor, Claude Williamson.

“Sharon is a great member of the environmental services team because of her experience and dedication. Her attitude is always upbeat. She gets along with everyone on staff and the residents, she has a great work ethic as she hates to miss work (which is almost never) and even worries about taking days off when scheduled. She does a great job and truly cares about the residents and her Presbyterian Manor family,” said Claude, environmental services director.

Sharon’s hard work has been recognized over the years – she was named the Emporia Presbyterian Manor Employee of the Month in May 2002 and October 2016.

Sharon also received a Bravo from Kathy Sprecker, housekeeper, that read, “Sharon came back to help us in laundry. I really appreciate all of her hard work and willingness to help us when we need her. Even when she has a lot of work to do herself. Thanks again!”

When she’s not at work in our community, Sharon is at work on her family’s farm. “I’m a farm wife so I do help my husband quite a bit on the farm. I also like to go to craft shows, I like the outdoors, and I like to be with my grandkids as much as possible.”

Sharon and her husband Warren recently celebrated their 41st anniversary. They have two sons and six grandchildren.

Thank you, Sharon, for your hard work and dedication you’ve given our community for almost 20 years!

PHOTO: Sharon Schmidt with her husband Warren.

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