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Resident Spotlight: Nina Gragg

About 11 years ago, Nina Gragg made the move from Venice, Fla., to Emporia Presbyterian Manor to be closer to family.

“I needed to get back to Kansas. I have two sons here, I also have grandchildren and great-grandchildren are arriving. I thought Emporia was a good place to be, that way I’m in between the two boys, and I won’t drive anybody completely crazy. The Presbyterian Manor was the right place to be,” said Nina.

Nina had an aunt who lived here when it first opened, so she was familiar with the community.

“I used to visit her a lot and she was always very happy here,” she added. “But the main reason I chose the Presbyterian Manor is it is the only one that has four levels of living. We also have three separate dining rooms, and we have another option from the special of the day, we can choose something else.”

Having choices is important to Nina. Especially when thinking about the right place to live in the senior years.

“You don’t want to wait until you’re too old to make the move. You need to make friends wherever you are. It’s easier to make friends when your mind is still fairly stable. And you don’t want to wait until your children tell you that you have to move and then you’re unhappy because it’s not your decision. You really know yourself when it’s time to do it,” said Nina.

Her brother, Arlo Bell, took a little more convincing.

“About three years ago he was still on the family farm. All the family he had left was me, so I kept telling him to get off the farm before something happened. One winter he gave in and he’s been very happy here,” said Nina.

Seeing her brother around the community is just one of the things that keeps Nina active.

“I eat lunch at the Presbyterian Manor every day and I just enjoy being there and seeing people. If I need any help at the villa, somebody comes up and does what needs to be done. I just like that. There’s so much help available. And they have activities—things I wouldn’t drive to anymore (my vision isn’t great) and they have a bus to take us on trips.”

Nina plans to spend Thanksgiving with her family, most likely in Osage City.

To learn more about how Emporia Presbyterian Manor could be the right choice for you, contact Crystal Stock, marketing director, at 620-343-2613 or

PHOTO: Nina enjoyed the Flint Hills during a recent trip to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve with the Presbyterian Manor.

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