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Recognizing employee milestones

Carol Acklin (10 years, transportation aide), Lea Reed (15 years, dining services assistant) and Lisa Grundy (15 years, housekeeping services assistant).[/caption]

Every Christmas season, we recognize members of our staff who have reached significant milestone years of service at Emporia Presbyterian Manor. We appreciate all of our staff, and it’s always a delight to see how long many of our valued people have been with us. Congratulations!

15 years

Carol Acklin

Lisa Grundy

10 years

Lea Reed

Five years

Ana Martinez

Three-year employees, from left, Jane Basler, Kathy Sprecker, Jodie Brand and Claude Williamson.[/caption]

Three years

Jane Basler

Jody Brand

Kathy Sprecker

Claude Williamson

Doris Wylie

One-year employees, from left, Leigh Ayers, PJ Larry, Susan Farr, Cindy Diedrich, Jeanette Burdiek, Megan James, Luis Salinas and Caitie Stineman.[/caption]

One year

Kimberly Alexander

Leigh Ayers

Aneas Barber

Allison Bess

Suzanna Brecheisen

Jeanette Burdiek

Ashley Burright

Cindy Diedrich

Susan Farr

Megan James

PJ Larry

Audrey Leihsing

Anna Perez

Luis Salinas

Pamela Santillana

Kloey Shaw

Meliza Sparkman

Caitie Stineman

Connie Stewart

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