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On a new PATH®

Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America (PMMA) as a system has been providing senior care and services for more than 70 years across Kansas and Missouri (and coming soon to Colorado).

As a part of the service to seniors, PMMA has always offered care after hospitalizations through skilled nursing and physical, occupational and speech therapies with the objective of supporting a return to prior levels of independence and overall health.

In 2012, PMMA launched a program called PATH® or “Post-Acute-to-Home” to strengthen service to older adults. This program serves patients who have been discharged from a hospital, but still require therapy and special skilled care in order to make the transition from hospital to home. By incorporating the PMMA team of medical professionals to develop individualized programs, PATH helps patients regain functionality and promotes a safe return to their home.

PATH sets the standard with team members who are committed to making the admissions process more efficient and features prompt admissions decisions, extended admission hours, continual communication with physicians and families, proactive planning and post-discharge follow-up, and a comfortable home-like setting.

Recently, PMMA introduced an enhancement to the PATH program called “I Took the PATH to…” supporting our commitment to patient goals. Through a partnership with Aegis Therapies, patients set unique goals upon admission to PATH. These goals are discussed throughout the PATH stay as a way to motivate and honor progress.

Examples of unique goals that have been set include:

  • Playing on the floor with grandkids again
  • Getting back to my garden
  • Visiting my sister in Texas
  • Getting strong enough to go home and take care of myself and my husband

Upon discharge, goals are celebrated with a photo, the recovery team and then shared with others taking advantage of PATH services.

“The ‘I Took the PATH to …’ programming sets PMMA communities apart from other providers by demonstrating our commitment to whole-person wellness. The physical aspects of recovery from an illness or injury are typically the focus, but our talented teams focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery as well. I’m not aware of another program out there where patients have the opportunity to serve as inspiration to others experiencing similar obstacles of health,” said Jennifer McClanahand, regional director of sales and marketing for PMMA.

Learn more about PATH® at Emporia Presbyterian Manor by calling 620-412-2019.

PHOTO: Donna Seeley took the PATH.

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