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Nona Berghaus gives back

She leads a daily exercise class, serves as a greeter and helps decorate at monthly community events and is a regular contributor to annual PMMA fundraising efforts—so to put it simply, Nona Berghaus definitely does her part to give back to the place she so affectionately calls home.

Prior to moving into the community, Nona was a professor at Emporia State University, where she both taught business and broke gender barriers.

“There were more male than female professors when I first came here,” said Nona. “In fact, I was probably the first female with a doctorate to ever teach at ESU.”

After retiring at 65, Nona continued to teach part time, as she puts it, “to continue to learn new things” and be around others.

“I enjoy people and teaching is a challenge,” said Nona. “By the time you learn something, it changes.”

It’s that need to constantly improve herself that’s just one of the reasons why she enjoys living at Emporia Presbyterian Manor.

“I’m very pleased with how they help us to be better people to try and get us out of our apartments and bring in lecturers, so we know what’s going on. It’s helpful to us,” said Nona.

Beyond that, Nona also loves the convenience and freedom she finds within the community.

“I really enjoy it here. Everything is taken care of and you don’t have to worry about a thing,” said Nona.

To learn more about the convenience and freedom found at Presbyterian Manor, contact Crystal Stock, marketing director, at 620-343-2613 or

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