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Maggie Danborg rejoins Emporia Presbyterian Manor as director of nursing

After beginning her career in the health care industry at Emporia Presbyterian Manor back in 2010, Maggie Danborg returned to the community in late February to become its new director of nursing.

Maggie initially came to the community as a certified nursing assistant and left to pursue a degree in nursing. In the 12 years that have passed, Maggie has gained experience as an ICU nurse, a home health case manager and a clinical nurse educator.

“I’ve been all over the field of nursing,” said Maggie.

One of the aspects of her career that Maggie has enjoyed the most has been nurse advocacy—something she has found to be especially important over the past couple of years and was a main driver for her to take her new position.

“Throughout COVID-19, I’ve been out in the trenches and to have this opportunity to step up and help where I can was a big sell for me,” said Maggie.

Since returning to the community, Maggie has found that she has not only been able to serve as an on-site advocate, she’s also been able to use many of the other skills she’s acquired over her career.

“It’s been really cool because I’ve been in so many different areas that I can utilize what I’ve learned,” said Maggie.

Maggie says she has also enjoyed the overall environment she has found at the community.

“I’m just really liking how everyone here is pretty close,” said Maggie. “It’s a small hometown community, so I like that part too.”

Away from work, Maggie enjoys fishing, hanging out at the lake, painting and baking. She is also the mother of two and has two dogs and a cat.

“I like to say that I have five animals,” said Maggie.

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