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Emporia Presbyterian Manor wins 2023 Pinnacle Customer Experience Award!

Congratulations to Emporia Presbyterian Manor for winning the 2023 Pinnacle Customer Experience Award, earned because of positive customer feedback through telephone surveys.

Each month, residents and their representatives are randomly selected to participate in telephone satisfaction surveys conducted by Pinnacle Quality Insight.

The graphic highlights recent survey results. All scores are given on a 5-point scale, with 5 being the highest score and 1 the lowest score. Between January and December 2022, Emporia Presbyterian Manor residents and their families gave the community high scores for overall satisfaction, providing great nursing care, cleanliness and an easy move-in process.

“They’re very kind,” said one resident about the staff. “They look after anything we need to have replaced or mended. We just appreciate everything.”

We greatly value the opinions of our residents and their representatives about the care and services we provide, and we encourage them to participate honestly when contacted by Pinnacle Quality Insight. All state and federal confidentiality laws are met in Pinnacle’s service.

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