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Coffee and Conversations with Crystal September 5

How exactly do Medicare and Medicaid work?

What are the benefits of supplemental insurance or long-term care insurance?

What are the senior living options in Emporia?

Get all these answers and more at Coffee and Conversations with Crystal on September 5 from 9:30-10:30 a.m. in Room 110.

During this event – which is open to all residents, family members and the Emporia community – Crystal Stock, marketing director at Emporia Presbyterian Manor (shown right), will answers questions about senior living, insurance benefits and any other topic attendees want to know about regarding senior living. If she doesn’t have the answer, Crystal will find it! To prepare Crystal for the upcoming event, we gave her multiple questions about what attendees can expect. Here are her answers.

How did the idea for coffee and conversations come about?

A lot of other local businesses, such as ESU and the Chamber, are offering these informal educational events that have been helpful to me and colleagues of mine, so I thought it would be great to open this up to adult children or seniors in the area to informally discuss any questions or misconceptions people have about how senior living, insurance, non-profit versus for profit senior living and more work.

Why do you want to host this event?

We want to host this event because here at Emporia Presbyterian Manor, we pride ourselves on being senior advocates. I have been working in senior living for four and a half years, and my colleagues have worked many more than that. For that reason, we have answers to a lot of questions seniors have, or we know where to get the answers. Why would we not want to open up this opportunity for seniors and adult children to pick our brains and learn more themselves?

How often will you host this event?

We hope to host this event at least twice a year, if not once a quarter. We will see how successful this event is and what the need for this style of dialogue is and adjust from there as needed.

Do residents and guests need to RSVP?

It would be our preference if you RSVP for this event so we could ensure there is enough food for all attendees. Also, if you have a specific question versus a general question, it may be beneficial to email us this question ahead of time to This way we have time to do our research, and we can provide you with this answer confidentially if needed.

What topics do you plan on covering?

I plan to cover topics that seniors desire to learn more about. At a minimum, I plan to discuss how Medicare and Medicaid work and also the benefits of a supplemental insurance or long-term care insurance plan. These are some of the top questions I get from seniors. It does not have to stop there though. We can find the answer for any questions that anyone has. They can be specific to our community and campus here at Emporia Presbyterian Manor, or they can be general questions about senior living if people are looking at other senior living options in town, in Kansas or even out of state.

Why is it important for seniors to be educated on these topics?

Just as seniors graduating from high school should be educated on their options, or first-time home buyers should be educated, seniors should be educated on what the next step could look like for them. Everyone should have a plan for retirement in place and all plans, all aging stories look different, but surely there will be questions along the way. Why not have the answers to these questions before you desperately need them? Why not take the stress and worry about the “what ifs” off your plate and develop your aging story how you desire, no matter what that looks like?

What do you hope the residents gain from these conversations?

We hope seniors and adult children in the Emporia and surrounding communities will gain peace of mind.

RSVP for the September 5 Coffee and Conversations with Crystal by emailing or calling 620-343-2613 by August 30.

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