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Beginning a new year with new intentions

Dorothee McWilliams (pictured with her Christmas tree) shares advice for setting intentions.

Each time we turn the calendar over to a new year, we’re presented with a unique opportunity to make a fresh start. While for some that may result in making new year’s resolutions or a new round of goal setting, for front desk administrator Dorothee McWilliams, it comes down to setting intentions.

“I set intentions and try to focus on what those intentions are—I often pray about those intentions and meditate over them,” said Dorothee. “For example, an intention for me has been to try to find more joy in my daily life. I also want to focus on the good in people—not on their shortcomings. Gratitude is important to me, and one of my intentions has been to always find something to feel grateful for.”

Like most of us, Dorothee finds that converting those intentions into action is often a challenge.

“Making changes is not always easy. Sometimes we take one step forward and take two steps back,” said Dorothee.

To keep from getting disappointed, Dorothee has adopted a unique perspective that allows her to treat herself with grace while continuing to provide the motivation needed to carry on in her quest for personal improvement.

“When I start something new and it seems as if I am failing, I have learned that if I can accept that I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this moment, I am not nearly as hard on myself. It is ok not to be perfect. I thrive for progress, not perfection,” said Dorothee.

Dorothee’s final bit of advice is to make sure that whatever resolutions, goals or intentions you do end up setting are actually obtainable.

“I think it is important to not set my expectation in myself too high. If I can keep my expectation realistic, it is easier to achieve change,” said Dorothee.

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