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PMMA unveils new logo, brand identity

PMMA unveils new logo, brand identity

As an organization evolves and grows, so should brand awareness. In the past year, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America has embarked on a journey to create a brand image that could represent all its communities and provide greater brand awareness for the entire PMMA system.

The challenges were great. The new mark had to reflect PMMA’s core values, mission and beliefs. It needed to be simple, but sophisticated enough to convey the high quality of care and service found in PMMA communities. It also needed to be practical, and demonstrate reliability and integrity. At its board meeting March 5, the PMMA Board of Trustees approved a new logo set for the PMMA system.

This month, we are unveiling the new logo that will provide a unified brand for the entire system for years to come. You will begin seeing the new logo on communications from Presbyterian Manor in the next few months as we move to full adoption of this new logo.

The new logo captures the spirit of our heritage and commitment to the future. The simplicity of the mark pays tribute to the original request from Alice Kalb to the Presbyterian Church. The upward “V” elements serve to remind us that our core purpose is to provide compassionate and caring services to better the lives of seniors.

The elements of the logo represent the three levels of living (independent, assisted and healthcare) or outstretched arms that protect and serve our residents. These elements are blue to suggest energy and action because it empowers residents to remain healthy, active and engaged. It also underscores respect and understanding that seniors, as citizens and individuals, retain their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The logo has three different diamond colors, utilizing colors from the previous PMMA logos. The diamond elements sit atop the “V” elements to signify the core purpose of our organization. The PMMA gold diamond relates to the Presbyterian Manor gold standard for providing quality senior services; the purple diamond refers to the faith-based mission that is fulfilled daily by the staff members at each PMMA community; the Aberdeen green diamond refers to the commitment to healthy living through the intentional balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual components of wellness.

Over the next several months, you will begin to see the new logos in our communications, advertising, and signage. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the quality senior services guided by Christian values that you have come to expect.

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