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Staff spotlight: Jessica Goodwin

Since joining the staff at Emporia Presbyterian Manor eight years ago, Jessica Goodwin has moved up the ranks from dishwasher to her new title of chef/production manager.

“When I was hired, I started out as a part-time server at night. As time went on, I just kept moving up – dishwasher, full-time server on dayshift, cook and then baker. I have done every position in the kitchen, and I’ve also done many catering events over the years. And now, here I am as the chef and it’s very exciting,” said Jessica.

In her new role, Jessica is involved with computer work such as inventory, ordering and online training. She also manages the staff and daily operations. And she is involved in some exciting new projects on campus, too.

“Right now, I’m working on a new, always available menu for the residents. It’s called 2300 Bistro – 2300 because that’s the address of the Presbyterian Manor and Bistro is what we call the main dining room. Also, we are working on a new puree program,” said Jessica.

Jessica loves to read “any and everything” and has a passion for learning – which she’s getting to do at work.

“The Presbyterian Manor has given me the opportunity for growth. I also have a great mentor who happens to be a chef and director – Johny Pawtary. I am learning a lot from him and hope to continue to grow,” said Jessica.

At home, Jessica is a single mother of three amazing little girls, ages 7, 6 and 5.

Congratulations on your recent promotion, Jessica!

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